Due to its benefits, more than fifty percent of the population prefers the side sleeping position. Though it is the recommended sleeping position because it prevents many diseases, why a proper mattress is required for side sleeping? Side sleeping has disadvantages if the appropriate mattress is not used. The use of a correct mattress can easily overcome the awkward pressure points caused by side sleeping. A mattress that helps maintain appropriate spinal alignment by forming a cradle is the best type of mattress for side sleepers.

Perfect Mattress For Side Sleepers:

The best type of mattress for side sleepers is highly supportive and comfortable. While sleeping on the side, your heavier body parts, including shoulders and hips, are pressed inside a mattress. Naturally, a mattress that reduces pressure is preferred by the side sleepers, and such mattresses contain big layers of latex models and foam that provide comfort. The body will naturally sink inside the mattress, forming a perfect and comforting cradle.

Best Mattress For Overweight Side Sleepers:

Overweight side sleepers increase the curve in a mattress, which causes discomfort and body pains. The perfect mattress for overweight side sleepers is the one with pocket springs and room between various comfort layers. Heavy side sleepers press the mattress more than a lightweight side sleeper. In this way, their body will touch the springs, which will reduce the amount of discomfort. Pocket springs and room between comfort layers will solve this problem.

Ideal Mattress For Side Sleepers With Back Pain And Lower Back Pain:

The mattress containing support layers is ideal for side sleepers who are experiencing back pain. A mattress provides support to the areas requiring appropriate support and provides comfort to the parts that usually experience pressure. Side sleepers suffering from lower back pain feel more pain when the mattress bends too much below the hips. In this case, lower back pain gets worse. So to overcome this, a medium-firm mattress is used, which provides ideal cushioning and support. Lumbar support is also used in some models for the appropriate alignment of the spine.

Varying Body Types And Personal Preference:

Another important thing is an individual’s personal preference and body type. Some side sleepers switch their positions while sleeping, so if the mattress is firm, it is quite easy for them to change their position. In contrast, the side sleepers who don’t change their positions prefer the mattress, causing more curve. We must not deny this thing that the durability of a mattress is a key factor. If the mattress is not durable with the passage of time, its ability to provide support decreases, resulting in back pain.

Choosing The Right Mattress In Terms Of Firmness:

Scale to measure the firmness of mattresses ranges from 1 to 10. 10 indicates the firmest mattress. Choosing firmness depends on two factors, which are weight and body type. A good mattress provides pressure relief for body parts, especially hips and shoulders, but too much curve will affect spinal alignment. Three categories of weight ( lightweight, average, and heavyweight) prefer firmness, according to them.